Tobermory Golf Club Erray Road, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland.

Hole 2

Par 4 359 yards Creagan    

After a nice easy start, you move on to the hardest hole on the course. This hole has a dog leg left to right. You can see the pin from the tee, usually. Time to get the woods out. The marker post is the line. Right is "bad news" so keep away. There is more room left of the marker than you think, but it does make the second shot longer. Big "straight" hitters can cut a bit off the dog leg by aiming just right of the marker, but risky!


View from the 2nd tee


2nd shot

You can probably see the pin from here and, as you can see, it is now all uphill. It is further than you think. The land drops sharply away to the left of the green so this is not an option, neither is big - this is lost ball territory. The ground slopes towards the green if you are right, so this is the favoured route. Short leaves a nasty chip, especially if the pin is at the front, but not too bad if the pin is at the back. (Tip - you can see this green from the first fairway, so noting the pin position might help) Once you are safely aboard the green, beware of the subtle undulations.

Another easy par!!

What a super golf hole!!

View from mid fairway

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